Mold Removal and Remediation

Mold is a nasty business; we bring the knowledge to clean up.

There are many different mold spores and types of mold that can turn up in a property and each type needs to be treated and inspected in its own manor. This is achieved by normally having a mold inspector to come out firstly to distinguish what type of mold you are up against. Once that has been determined normally by lab testing then the treatment is determined.

If you are having your home treated for mold inspection then a few things needs to be done to ensure your safety. The home should be sealed off to stop the spread of mold during the treatment process. If it’s in one part of your home normally it will likely be in other parts of the home. The mold inspector will make sure a full inspection is done to make sure you are aware of any other parts of the home that are also suffering from mold.

So what are the types of mold could your property be suffering from? Let’s break it down with an explanation of what mold is and the types of mold.

There is not just one mold type out there, there are many and some are more prone to being found in your property. Some of the more prominent molds will be mentioned here.

One of the most frequently found mold is Aspergillus which is commonly found indoors. It can cause a few issues if you have had long exposure to it such as respiratory infections and allergies.

In your bathroom you will often find a mold called Botrytis and this is because it thrives on high levels of humidity. If your bathroom is always steaming up and the ventilation is very poor then you could have an issue. It will bring on allergic reactions and if you suffer from asthma then it will flair it up.

When you have any water damage Fusarium is the first type of mold you will encounter. Any damp areas that are not dealt with will be an absolute breeding ground for this.

If your attic has been affected by water damage or if a pipe has been dripping inside the wall then the insulation will start to grow a blue or green mold. This is called Penicillium and long exposure will cause allergic reactions and sinus infection.

You might have discovered your mold by seeing a black organic material on the walls, this is black mold which is also known as Stachybotrys chartarum. It can cause various issues when it comes to your health such as breathing issues, fatigue, sinus infections and depression. Any place that is prone to dampness can suffer from black mold so check your property if you have any damp areas in your home.

So we hope this has been educational for you and if you do suffer from mold associated illness then get a good mold company out ASAP to take care of the issue. If you need to talk about it more please feel free to contact us and we can help you out.


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Recent feed back

Water Damage Testimonial
Ron Shaffer

Thanks for the information, I was in a pickle as to what to do when I did encounter some water damage in my apartment but this site and your staff really helped. Sometimes you need to take a breath and focus and the answers are there right in front of you.

Water Damage Testimonial
Dean Harper

The moment you discover water damage it’s an instant upset, I was already dreading the expense but thanks to you guys and reading this I remembered I had a good home insurance policy so I called them up and after about 20 minutes on the phone they put my mind at rest to say I was covered and that’s when I called you guys to come out. Thanks for everything I really appreciated it.

Water Damage Testimonial
Claudia Maldonado

After my upstairs neighbors toilet valve leaked and proceeded to seep form their apartment in to mine I awoke to a puddle of water in my bathroom. After I notified them and they turned the tap off the task of inspecting the water damage was the next step. I read your; “what to do” section and instantly called the HOA to notify them. As it was my neighbors who caused the damage the HOA took care of things and now my place is fixed and I insisted on mold inspection also to make sure I would be ok in the future. Thanks for the great advice and a well written website.