Flood Water Removal and Restoration

Flooding brings drama, we bring relief!

It’s rare for your property to get flooded but we mostly find certain areas are more prone to it. This is mostly because of weather systems that can blow through a place causing storms of monster proportions that bring a mass of rain in short amount of time. When this occurs drains are first to back up and water can come up through basement drains causing issues. If you have not got a sub pump fitted or if it fails you will be faced with a newly acquired swimming pool in your basement.

What we suggest is that you do routine maintenance on your sub pump to make sure it’s running and it will run in an emergency. Check the drains to make sure they are clear, debris and other stuff can easily block your drains and if that so happens it will spell trouble later on. Gutters around any property should slow be kept clear, routine maintenance can really cut down on any potential flood damage of a home.

Flooding can also occur in your home because you left a faucet running or because of a broken faucet. The worst is when it happens when you are not home as this can result in major damage to any property. If you do come home to a flooded home then try not to panic, there are a few things you need to do. If it’s a burst pipe you need to know where the main water shut off is for you home, if you are struggling to find it then ask a neighbor as they might know if your homes are of similar design. In the event you can’t find it then call a plumber ASAP as they will have the knowhow as to stop the flood if it’s from a broken pipe. Any good water damage company will be able to help you out also as they will have the knowledge to stop the leak. Once the water has stopped gushing the flood extraction work begins. Normally pumps are used by the water damage teams to bring the water out of your home and in to the street where the nearest drain is located. If you have had a flood in a hazardous area, be it an industrial space then a special tanker will be used to extract the flood water. Nothing considered a hazard can be pumped down any drains.

Once the water is pumped out the building and it is dry the repair work is needed. If drywall has been removed then a full inspection of the studding should be done before the wall is sealed to make sure no moister at all is lurking because otherwise it will cause mold later on.

If you need any more advice then please feel free to contact us and we will walk you through the steps of how to deal with the flood damage and we can send out a flood damage expert to assist you.


Things that are covered

  • Certified water damage technicians
  • Residential water damage clean up
  • Commercial water damage clean up
  • Knowledgeable water damage staff members
  • Rapid response to a disaster

Recent feed back

Water Damage Testimonial
Ron Shaffer

Thanks for the information, I was in a pickle as to what to do when I did encounter some water damage in my apartment but this site and your staff really helped. Sometimes you need to take a breath and focus and the answers are there right in front of you.

Water Damage Testimonial
Dean Harper

The moment you discover water damage it’s an instant upset, I was already dreading the expense but thanks to you guys and reading this I remembered I had a good home insurance policy so I called them up and after about 20 minutes on the phone they put my mind at rest to say I was covered and that’s when I called you guys to come out. Thanks for everything I really appreciated it.

Water Damage Testimonial
Claudia Maldonado

After my upstairs neighbors toilet valve leaked and proceeded to seep form their apartment in to mine I awoke to a puddle of water in my bathroom. After I notified them and they turned the tap off the task of inspecting the water damage was the next step. I read your; “what to do” section and instantly called the HOA to notify them. As it was my neighbors who caused the damage the HOA took care of things and now my place is fixed and I insisted on mold inspection also to make sure I would be ok in the future. Thanks for the great advice and a well written website.