Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services

If you have faced a home fire we have some solutions.

When anyone goes through a property fire it can be a truly miserable thing. Possessions are lost and in worst case scenarios sometimes lives. The aftermath can be one of the hardest things to deal with and these are some steps you need to take once the fire has been extinguished and the property has been inspected before you go back in.

Depending on how major the fire was you will be left with a home that is smoke and water damaged that needs addressing quickly. First thing is to make sure the property is safe to go in and salvage what you can that’s not been damaged. Use family and friends to help and move it to a storage unit or an area for safe keeping. If its smoke damaged it might be able to be saved with cleaning and a good water damage company will be able to provide this service. You will need to call a fire restoration company to come out and deal with the aftermath. It’s their job to remove any areas of the property that have been affected by the fire like drywall or kitchen cabinets that might have got burnt and remove it in to a skip. Any other water damage to the place will also be dealt with using water damage extraction tools, carpet and flooring might need to be removed as well as other furnishings. A fire damage property assessment team will go over what needs to be disposed of and your home insurance will also need to know the extent of the damage.

You will have to be aware that the cleanup process and rebuilding process can take some time depending on the extend of the damage you have incurred so we recommend that you really make plans to stay with relatives or the home insurance company will have to make plans for you to stay at a hotel or a rental until your home is repaired.

The trouble is with fire damage is that it brings a whole host of other issues, smoke damage is one of the main things as it gets in to everywhere. And to remove that smell takes a great deal of work and a lot of patience. A good fire restoration company will be fully equipped to deal with it and they can overcome any issues you might be going through.

So when it becomes time to fix your property you should call us and we will be happy to recommend the steps you need to take to solve your fire damage issue.


Things that are covered

  • Certified water damage technicians
  • Residential water damage clean up
  • Commercial water damage clean up
  • Knowledgeable water damage staff members
  • Rapid response to a disaster

Recent feed back

Water Damage Testimonial
Ron Shaffer

Thanks for the information, I was in a pickle as to what to do when I did encounter some water damage in my apartment but this site and your staff really helped. Sometimes you need to take a breath and focus and the answers are there right in front of you.

Water Damage Testimonial
Dean Harper

The moment you discover water damage it’s an instant upset, I was already dreading the expense but thanks to you guys and reading this I remembered I had a good home insurance policy so I called them up and after about 20 minutes on the phone they put my mind at rest to say I was covered and that’s when I called you guys to come out. Thanks for everything I really appreciated it.

Water Damage Testimonial
Claudia Maldonado

After my upstairs neighbors toilet valve leaked and proceeded to seep form their apartment in to mine I awoke to a puddle of water in my bathroom. After I notified them and they turned the tap off the task of inspecting the water damage was the next step. I read your; “what to do” section and instantly called the HOA to notify them. As it was my neighbors who caused the damage the HOA took care of things and now my place is fixed and I insisted on mold inspection also to make sure I would be ok in the future. Thanks for the great advice and a well written website.