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It’s always good to have a local company that is based out of Urbandale, the reason being is they know the areas that are prone to flooding in a storm and they have ways to get to properties if roads are closed due to storm damage or streets flooded. If your property based here in Urbandale encounters flooding you will want that standing water removed ASAP. Not only is it a health hazard it’s doing tremendous damage by eating away at your drywall and flooring. If you do encounter standing water like that make sure your electrics are off as it could make the water live and dangerous. And depending on how deep it is be very careful because ifs its dark and you hit your head and fall in to the water you could drown. It is normally a case of basements that are the most troublesome areas for flooding here in Urbandale, a sub pump fail and next thing you know you have all this water in your property. A water damage company is the people you need to come out and use generators to pump the water out of the area and start the cleanup process.

Normally pumping water out of a home does not take long it’s the restoration work after that can take some time as it needs to be done properly. If the water was up to a certain level on the walls then that drywall will have to be removed and huge fans brought in to dry all the studding. The reason this is done is to stop any potential mold growth in the future. If any water damage company insists the place is dry after a quick clean up always be wary. Any drywall or flooring that was dampened could still have moister trapped. Ask them about potential mold issues because of the water damage so you are not left with issues later on down the line. After a room is fully dried you will be able to tell straight away, you will notice the studding will not be damp and the room won’t feel damp. Then it will be time to put the insulation and drywall back and seal the space. This is the way it should be taken care of so always remember that.

You might also encounter fire damage here in Urbandale, hot weather or kitchen accidents often bring small fires. Sometimes it can be as silly as a magnifying glass left in a window and the sun catching it and other times it can be from a fryer going up in smoke on the cook top. Always have a fire blanket in the kitchen to extinguish it but if you feel you can’t put the fire out get everyone out the home safely and call 911 straight away, never throw water on an oil fire as this will cause the oil to splash and flair up causing a blaze. Once the emergency services have left call a good fire damage restoration company to come and deal with the aftermath. They will sometimes secure your home by boarding it up to stop intruders going in and they will talk to you about the cleanup process to get you back in your home.

So if you need Mold removal services or anything else here in Urbandale related to water damage we are here to help. Simply call us and we will get you started on recovering your property from disaster.

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Water Damage Testimonial
Ron Shaffer

Thanks for the information, I was in a pickle as to what to do when I did encounter some water damage in my apartment but this site and your staff really helped. Sometimes you need to take a breath and focus and the answers are there right in front of you.

Water Damage Testimonial
Dean Harper

The moment you discover water damage it’s an instant upset, I was already dreading the expense but thanks to you guys and reading this I remembered I had a good home insurance policy so I called them up and after about 20 minutes on the phone they put my mind at rest to say I was covered and that’s when I called you guys to come out. Thanks for everything I really appreciated it.

Water Damage Testimonial
Claudia Maldonado

After my upstairs neighbors toilet valve leaked and proceeded to seep form their apartment in to mine I awoke to a puddle of water in my bathroom. After I notified them and they turned the tap off the task of inspecting the water damage was the next step. I read your; “what to do” section and instantly called the HOA to notify them. As it was my neighbors who caused the damage the HOA took care of things and now my place is fixed and I insisted on mold inspection also to make sure I would be ok in the future. Thanks for the great advice and a well written website.

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