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Your full water damage information source on how to deal with water damage and all things associated with it.


Thing s you should know when water damage hits.

Unfortunately we all have to sometimes deal with water damage at some point in our lives, should it be big or small it is an inconvenience and an added expense to deal with. Here you will find information on what you should do when water damage strikes.

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Thing s you should know when mold restoration hits.

It’s dirty, ugly and can be dangerous and you might have it in your home and not even know about it. We show you ways on how to notice if you have mold and how to deal with it to keep you and your family healthy.

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Clean up

Thing s you should know when flooding hits.

A broken pipe or a big storm and next thing you know you are faced with your home being flooded. It’s daunting and scary but here you will find the steps on what to do to limit any damage.

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Our Mission

When any home issue strikes it can cause an instant panic so UAC Water was set up to talk you through the steps and put your mind at rest about all things water damage and mold related plus more. The idea that your home or business can be really affected by the elements is something of discouragement but sometimes it is unavoidable. A storm or an unexpected leak can cause some hefty damage. But there are ways you can limit that damage and stop repeat damage in the future. We will show you how to limit damage and swiftly contact a water damage expert to fix the issue.

Emergency Restoration Services

We would like to help you with some of the following services that can happen when a disaster can strike.
  • Water Damage Repair

    When your home gets damaged with water damage we have the knowledge on how to deal with that water damage and get that home back to looking normal again.

  • Mold Damage remediation

    We know how annoying mold can be, devastating in some cases to properties. So you need to know the steps to take when you do find mold damage and this site will explain exactly what you need to do.

  • Flood Restoration

    It can take a few seconds and your home can be water logged and this is because of broken pipe issues. When flooding happens there are some swift steps you can take to ensure you don’t encounter further damage and everything is taken care of rapidly.

  • Fire and smoke damage

    Small fires can wreak havoc with a home, and even if you are lucky and manage to extinguish it quickly you can still suffer the aftermath of smoke damage. We have tips on how to deal with this aftermath and get the home cleaned up quickly.